Episode 6: Pressure Makes Diamonds with Chriztine Campbell

Episode 6: Pressure Makes Diamonds with Chriztine Campbell

Disclaimer: The topics of mental health and suicidal ideation are discussed during this episode. The following resources are available to you 24/7 if listening to this podcast triggers any negative thoughts or emotions. The National Suicide Helpline is 800-273-8255; the crisis text line is  can be reached at TALK to 741-741; and more resources can be found HERE. Please know that you are worthy, loved, and enough!

On this episode of the You Inspire Me Podcast, Hope interviews Mrs. Chriztine Campbell. Chriztine is a wife, mother, and a very talented photographer. She says, ” inspiration, to me, is that inside yourself,” and her greatest inspiration is her father. Chriztine is also inspired by other photographers who she has looked to on her own photography journey, and she encourages others to find their role models and inspirations.

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  • I played in the marching band with Chriztine in… 2011!!! TEN YEARS AGO! She played alto saxophone and I was in the drumline playing Bass 1
  • She shared about her struggles with pregnancy and the loss of her daughter, Eisley Rayne. Despite the hardships, Chriztine and Jake have the most beautiful almost-three-year-old!
  • Her battle with mental illness, including anxiety and depression, is something Chriztine embraces and advocates for others. Her strength inspires others, especially me!
  • Chriztine encourages other stay-at-home moms to find a group of moms and hold onto that community.
  • She reminds us that we “need the hard stuff to get out on top”
  • Chriztine’s favorite quote comes from her dad who always told her as a kid, “pressure makes diamonds.”

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  • Lizabeth Rose Photography. Lizabeth Rose Photography is operated by Chriztine Campbell, wife, mother, and photographer serving Central Ohio and beyond. Chriztine says that her “goal and promise is to capture more than just the image, but to share your story through the art of photography. I am here to make your special moments come to life and last a lifetime.” You can check out Chriztine’s BEAUTIFUL work to see if she is the right fit for your next photo shoot, event, or special moment on her websiteFacebook, and Instagram. Chriztine also partners in a specialty wedding photography business called At The Altar Photo, check out their Instagram!
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