Hope, Parker, Truman

Hope Hack Petersen
Founder, Host, & Executive Director

I am a child of God, wife to Parker, mama to Truman (the dog), and an Army Officer. I believe that I have been called to start the You Inspire Me Podcast to spread the joy of how others have positively impacted my life. Parker and I got married on May 23, 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although things have not looked as we had planned – as they never do – we have been blessed beyond all comparison this year. I give all this glory to God and praise him for the opportunity to humbly start this podcast with the hopes of inspiring others.

Zach, Ella, Becca

Rebecca Sturges
Design & Marketing Director

Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca, but I’m known by most as Becca. I am the mother to a beautiful girl named Ella. I am also an animal momma to two dogs – Maddie and Bella – as well as two cats – Lila and Snowball. I married Zachary, my high school sweetheart, in 2019. 2020 was an incredibly difficult year, from losing my job to losing a close family friend, this past year had many challenges. After a few wonderful months spent with my daughter, I was able to find another job and have recently had the amazing opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and coach. I have been so blessed, despite the challenges of 2020 and life in general. I am so excited for this opportunity to create and design merchandise for this amazing, deep, and real podcast!

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