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The goal of this show is to spread joy, positivity, and encouragement through sharing the thoughts and perspectives of inspiring individuals.

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Episode 21: Today Matters for Eternity with Felita Zhang

To Felita, inspiration is “being extremely motivated by the actions of someone [she] looks up to.” Felita lives her life empowering others and finding ways to make the world a better place through all she does. Between her work mentoring other women, building biological nanomaterials in the research lab, and fostering lasting friendships, Felita is…

Episode 20: For the Good with Evan Walker

On this episode of the You Inspire Me Podcast, Hope interviews Evan Walker, a graduating West Point cadet and a Rhodes Scholar. Evan describes inspiration as a really warm feeling that is embodied by a moment of clarity or an “ah ha” moment. She also describes inspiration as “being liberated by or from something.” Throughout…

Episode 19: It’s What’s in the Middle that Counts with Jordan Kelley

On this episode of the You Inspire Me Podcast, Hope interviews her incredible friend, Jordan Kelley. Jordan is a Christian, wife, dog momma to Eli, and Army Engineer Officer. She defines inspiration as internal and external things that “encourages you to drive or reach and attain goals and aspirations.” Jordan shares how she is inspired…

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