Episode 11: Everything is Going to Be Fine because God is in Control with Mrs. Angela Oakley

Episode 11: Everything is Going to Be Fine because God is in Control with Mrs. Angela Oakley

On this episode, I had the phenomenal joy of chatting with Mrs. Angela Oakley. To Mrs. Oakley, inspiration “is finding motivation on a regular basis.” The Oakley’s are known by West Point cadets for being very generous hosts, especially for “Carnivorous Christmas” and Easter lamb decorating! Mrs. Oakley shares about being a military spouse, bringing cadets into their home, and pursuing grace in every moment. It is my greatest honor to welcome Mrs. Oakley to the You Inspire Me Podcast.


  • Mrs. Oakley says her favorite titles are “wife” and “mother” with “Army spouse” as a close contender
  • At West Point, Mrs. Oakley likes to get inspiration by walking their two dogs down to Lee Gate – a common run route for cadets
  • Mrs. Oakley is now working her dream job with the Association of Graduates (AOG) as a Major Gift Officer
  • The Oakley’s had originally planned to do “5 and fly” – get out of the military at the end of the minimum service obligation – and here they are now, a career military family!
  • To recharge, Mrs. Oakley puts on some hard rock music and goes on walks
  • The Oakley’s have also taken on a personal calling to share their experiences and knowledge about debt-free living with others founded on Dave Ramsey’s principles
  • Mrs. Oakley shares that she tries to find inspiration in someone, whether in her life or via a podcast or other platform, every single day to lift her up
  • Her favorite Taylor Swift song is “22,” although Mrs. Oakley’s inspirational lady is Dolly Parton

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*Disclaimer: the views and beliefs expressed in this podcast do not reflect the views or beliefs of the U.S. Army or U.S. government.

One thought on “Episode 11: Everything is Going to Be Fine because God is in Control with Mrs. Angela Oakley

  1. Angela and G-Baby are the most amazing young ladies ever!!! Angela has always been my inspiration! G-Baby is always surprising me with her writings and ideas!

    I hope I get the opportunity to meet you some day!

    This is Angela’s mother- G’s Oma.

    Blessings to you always- And many thanks for all you do for our great country!


    Liked by 1 person

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